AS a mum of three boys I’m occasionally (quite often) asked if I hanker after a wee girl.

I don’t. But I get funny looks if I say this too quickly – like it’s odd a woman wouldn’t desire a daughter.

I get it – some have a deep longing for a girl.

I’ve heard stories of ‘going for’ another in the hope of getting a ‘pink one’.

I felt untold joy at having a healthy child, let alone three. That they were boys was what simply what God – or whatever you believe in – had given me. 

I have the odd pang when  see a pink tutu in the shops and think ‘that would be fun’ But I believe deeply I was meant to have three boys.

As the only female in a household of five I am truly outnumbered. I love it. Why? Here’s a list (which might just help any mum wondering what a future of boys holds) ..

  • cuddles. Girls obviously hug too but boys can be so beautifully cuddlable with their mums. 
  • Unexpected firsts. So you might not paint your nails together but last week I took the boys for their first kilt fittings at 8 Yards in Dundee and swelled with pride so much I thought I might burst.
  • All the normal firsts – first tooth, step, word, day of school, tooth fairy visit…irrelevant of gender, milestone memories to melt any heart.
  • Haircuts. From straggly surf dude to shaven Peaky Blinders extra, I’m learning of a whole new world of styles. Another first last week – Milkshakes and computer games were in the mix at Hard Grind barbers on Exchange Street. Banana with cream and sauce anyone? I drank what they left. Stuff the diet – it was delicious.
  • you have the huge responsibility of shaping their impressions of the opposite sex. This is terrifying when getting it wrong (for example when hormonal and shouty) and exhilarating when (hopefully) a positive role model working hard but always loving them more.

The list goes on. Girls are awesome, boys are awesome. Kids are to be cherished.

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