“MUM, can I have some candy please?”
“Some what?”
“Right. That’s it. No more American TV. It’s not candy. It’s sweeties, or chocolate – or swetchies (You might only have heard of the latter if you’re Scottish.)
“And while we’re at it,” I told the boys, “It is ‘rubbish’, not ‘garbage’ – as in ‘dad is is taking out the rubbish’.
I was on a roll. “Oh and also while we’re on the subject, one property with multiple dwellings are flats, not apartments – and you go up in a lift, not an escalator. Ok?”
“Ok mummy.”
“Any questions?”
“Em, what’s a dwelling? And an apartment?”

We’re from Scotland, not Sacramento (apologies, image ten years old..current posterior less pert..but the Saltire, the flag of Scotland, is the point..)

I love America and so much of what they give us. Like my current Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (oooh and Selling Sunset when my husband’s away – reality tv brings him out in hives) a trivial example on the face of it but demonstrative of the culture, creativity and freedom of expression associated with the United States of America.
Yes the country can lose its way, but ..well, can’t we all?
But much in the same way I don’t want to use dollars for pay for my shopping, or have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I tried it once and won’t again), I don’t want an erosion of our language.
English words will do just fine, interspersed where at all possible with Scottish parlance – and bonus points for any Dundonianisms.
I felt bad for my outburst given the boys’ glakit (that’s what I’m talking about – one of the best Scots terms ever..it means ‘blank, gormless’) expressions.
I made a cup of tea and flicked through my favourite magazine, Americanisms a distant memory as I melted into the sofa, knowing you’ve got to grab those five minutes while you can.
Nice trainers, I thought, scanning the text below to see how much they were. “You cannot be serious,” I said full-tilt John McEnroe as I read the caption. Sneakers. Sneakers?
“Boys? Boys! It’s trainers, ok? Not sneakers.”
I heard one of them whisper: “Dude. Just agree. I think mum’s lost the plot.”

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